The Coolest Library you’l Ever Want to Visit

Picture this — you are visiting a city, looking for cool places to visit at night, without wanting any agitated-lifestyle option such as a nightclub or a bar. One perhaps would give up after walking the streets trough closed stores and workers commuting home after restless hours of work, only to find a peculiar building filled with chatting strangers on an outside deck and lots of light but no sign of music or partying.

I believe many people would find amazing to connect to a library for more than just renting books. If we could bring elements from our nightlife activities to a place where we can meet timeless experiences, confort and knowledge, — perhaps we would make the coolest library one can visit.

The focus of this idea, is to reexamine common library experience and incorporate a combination of personal and social cultivation, culture enhancement and entertainment. As for now, this is only a provocation. Mostly a way to develop and design solutions by joining two contradicting elements. After this idea came to my mind, I thought maybe I could come up with something based on my experiences, that would manifest this process:

The CLEV (Coolest Library you’l Ever Visit) Would have to be very flexible to adjust to diferent activities during its working hours :

Social Deck : As Isaid, being part of an active lifestyle at late hours involves being able to communicate and connect as you would normally do in any social activity, but with soundproof barriers to not disturb people inside.

Gallery : A form of activity that could stimulate walking around and discovering pieces of work made by local artists. These mural spaces would be shared with local debates and discussions, or even late night courses for adults.

Closed Glass : Small spaces that can be shared with people playing table games, studying, discussing projects or taking closed workshop classes. Perhaps they could be reserved upfront, under a small fee, or under the condition that they have to be open for anyone to join their activities.

Outdoor Children Space : It wont actually be necessary for this space to be open at night-time, but Ithought it would give a nice touch for a library, to create a space that stimulates science and curiosity through physical activity. Perhaps this area could become the social deck after 18:00, I’m up for suggestions…

Social Hub with late hour music and shows : That comedy stand-up show being hosted in a bar somewhere, could be moved to the main lobby, where people could watch from inside, or maybe a movie night, where people choose a movie to play, and later debate about it. All under confortable and diverse spaces.

Finally, all of the spaces and activities would have the purpose of connecting the city and its visitors to a point of interaction, creating a space that unites all of the above, proposing the dynamic space of cultural activation, information and place where all media forms are equally presented.

All I know is that I would spend a reasonable amount of time wandering trough diferent activities on a place like this if it existed.

How about you ? Would you spend time in a 24/7 library ? How often would you go ? What would you implement on this library to make it even cooler ?

Architect in the making, Photographer and Swimming Pool Expert. — Image by Magdiel Lopez